Sunday, February 21, 2010

ridge walking on top of the roof.

we had just moved to the states from Romania. I was eight and a dreamer. Hollywood and its shallow people appeared strange and lonely.

I had decided that I too wanted to fly, like the free birds I observed from my windows. I grabbed an umbrella, mother's beloved vintage Dior, and, I jumped out my window, three stories above ground. two seconds of free falling.
don't know what was more broken, me or the umbrella.

got away with two broken legs and a bruised face though (worth it).
after the cass was on, I kept telling mother I would be fine, promising I would never ever jump out my window again. but mother cried that whole week, telling stories about how Christian Dior himself had owned that very umbrella.


  1. Oh my goodness I'm glad you're still here to tell the tale...what a useless umbrella - you should have borrowed one off Mary Poppins ;)

    Sarah x

  2. beautiful story and beautifully written. and so heartbreaking.

    xx x

  3. Oh Aurora <3
    Your writing is beautifully tragic. I hope your mother wakes up to herself some day xx

  4. at least now you know that they care.
    it would be awful if they found you hanging from a ceiling fan, wearing a glorious red cloak, and they were worried because the Queen of England's Plush Royal Cape was now embellished with some dribbles of blood.

    forgive my sarcasm. how did you feel?

  5. hollywood and it's shallow people are strange and lonely. seriously as much as i love this place sometimes, it is the loneliest city i know.

    many hugs and kisses lovely.


  6. haha this is funny to me :P

    But anyway, if this text it's real, I'm also from Romania. :)


  7. I wonder what significance of this moment in your relationship with your Mother? I have scoured my mind for a similar event in my life, but the only such things that affected my relationship with my Mom would occur after my 18th birthday.

    Of course, that is my perspective. I have no idea what she may have thought...

  8. omigosh, you moved to the US from Romania? Why? Is it so different?

  9. In a sort of, scary way, that's beautiful.

  10. I can't believe that you weren't killed! I've contemplated doing similar things but never actually tried.

    And I can't believe your mother was so concerned about the umbrella...

  11. Bella: have to say I actually enjoy your sarcasm. sarcasm is very close to my heart, you have no idea. it's so strange.
    Diane: of course I'm from Romania, don't know why I'd make that up?
    Big Mark: three long years left to my 18th birthday. bet you she'll do a whole lot more until then.
    Kakes: father moved his business here and mother always longed for the shallow life.

  12. The image you used to illustrate this story is really compelling. The lighting gives me a sense of intimate space with a menacing presence. Soft, but suggestive of fire .

  13. The ending is amazing. Sad, but well put.