Sunday, February 14, 2010

guess who's back from Europe?


but he's changed. perhaps he left a part of him in Norway, or Barcelona.


  1. People go to new
    places, experience new things, and it can change them. Or sometimes
    when they go somewhere different the people are different, and you feel the need to change yourself, to fit in, and you never change back.
    It's all part of life, I suppose, x.

  2. he probably lost it from the freezing cold we're having in norway this winter

  3. Perhaps it is you who is changed. Every experiece alters us, if only a fragment.

  4. Is it more or less the same thing?

  5. that is sad to hear.
    thank you for your comment on my blog! and sorry for my delayed response..
    this is a really interesting blog. you certainly have a way with words and photographs.
    take care xo

  6. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog
    i love your blog , it's..different! i like reading your thoughts and you have an excellent taste of movies.
    from now on i'm a follower ;) wanna be mine?

    la fille

  7. Wow... He's been to Norway? I am from Norway, and nobody knows where it is, it may seem. Well, it is dark and heavy, so I wouldn't be shocked if he has lost something here.

  8. See: well he's been in so many different places now that he's probably changed into a mixture of the people in every single country.
    Avy: nothing's the same thing.
    Kassandra: don't know? it seems I can't tell Andrei's good and bad parts apart anymore.
    Anonymous: oh, Andrei loved the dark and heavy, in fact, I think it reflected his mood perfectly. he never liked sunny California, none of us did.