Thursday, March 25, 2010

nothing to leave behind, and everything

the tornado which is mother is blowing through our home. father's back from China. I've put on Chanel lipstick, their darkest shade of red, and mother's pearls.
my sister, the curious one, comes into my room but remains standing next to the door.

"They're thinking of sending you back to Romania for a while," she says, her eyes fixed on the floor. for the first time I notice she has a scar under her chin and for a second I think of everything we never shared with each other, of how we're really strangers living under the same roof. "You should really get it together," she continues, and then my sister does something she has never done before. she gives me a hug.

it's strange to feel her so close, her skin touching mine, her carefully brushed hair against my nose. her mouth smells like strawberry and as strange as it feels to say it, I kind of liked it.


  1. This is how sisters should be. I'm sure you would find great comfort in a pal, someone to talk to.
    Do you like Romania?

  2. I'm glad you liked it. I hope things go well for you.

  3. I don't know what to say about your blog but I like it very much :) It's rather unusual

  4. This story is magical, and haunting. Your words are powerful - I really admire your style :)

  5. Hope they won't send you back.:(

  6. gorgeous photo, beautiful writing as always. i hope you aren't going back to romania, that would be a shame. love.


  7. oh my god your words are beautiful

    xx x

  8. Abby, I do, I actually do. but I've lived here a big part of my life, a big part of me is here even if I don't like to admit it sometimes. hugs.

  9. I hope things go well for you...