Sunday, March 14, 2010

mirror land

this is Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, one of the worlds biggest mirrors. have you ever been there? if so, tell me.

it's the remains of dried-up prehistoric lakes, the worlds largest salt flat. the reflective salt gives you the illusion you're walking on clouds. for the past two nights, this is all I've dreamt about. for the past two nights, this is all that has existed.

take me there,
where heaven meets earth.


  1. I want to go to that place.
    It sounds lovely.

  2. my god, take me there too.

    i once flew from boston to LA at sunset, or through the sunset, rather. the sky was alight with reds and oranges and purples for five hours straight and the clouds we flew through were as magnificently colored. it was like being wrapped in the sunset. i have never felt more alive or on fire. your pictures remind me of that.

    xx x

  3. I love these pictures. They feel very fresh and clean :)

  4. This is utterly pretty,(:

  5. beautiful images!

    hey, darling, I have changed the name and url of my blog to please, update it in your lists :) thanks, xxx

  6. Aurora I want to go there too this is AMAZING! Your last line, about heaven meeting earth is beautiful

  7. wow, fascinating. i'd never heard of this. thank you! your blog is gorgeous.

  8. That is amazing. I wish I could go there.