Friday, March 5, 2010

chasing moments.

my hair's much longer now

the week's been uncoordinated; a jealous objection against the free birds. it has now been exactly eight days since I showered last.

just get into the shower, says mother bitterly as I wobble in through the front door, closing the night and life behind me. I've read your stories about the world over and over. I envy and adore you all and

tonight, I'll sleep.


  1. wow, you're stunning
    beautiful, beautiful aurora.

  2. you hair makes you look winsome...

  3. Take a shower. It will feel good!;)

    Have a fun weekend!


  4. You are pretty, Aurora. Like Snow White.

  5. This is so tragic. I want to pick you up and bring you here. It's fairly rubbish and cold but Scotland is very far from the snobbery and vanity of Hollywood. You wouldn't have much in terms of material possessions but you would have your happiness.

  6. Big Mark: winsome.. hm... that's strange, don't think I've ever gotten a comment like that before.
    Georgia: Scotland, -I would love to visit Scotland. my family went last fall, they said it was beautiful.