Sunday, September 27, 2009

bird songs and tinnitus.

Irina & Bianca

two thin sisters in the pool. mother loves them while I'm the disappointment of the family.

synchronized swimming lessons early this morning - I observe from my balcony. an oppressive hangover thudding against my temples.

they're beautiful, and I'm thinking, maybe beauty never really was waisted on the young ones after all, but on the wrong ones instead.


  1. i know isn´t she. So dearest, when are we meeting up?

  2. i don´t know. but i get sad when i read this. and i love the photos. its so sad and beautiful!

  3. don't get sad, dear, -it's just life.

  4. hmmm. i like that. i think sometimes it's true. and the wrong ones were young once...